Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Movie Marketing At MoviePush

Just so you know, my main focus is now on MoviePush, my blog dedicated to movie marketing. If you haven't checked it yet, please do.


In addition to writing original content for MoviePush, I link to a lot of articles all over the web through my twitter @rossbishop mainly focused on movies and marketing. If you’re interested and like to keep up to date, please follow me.

Friday, 23 July 2010

MoviePush: Marketing Movies


A new blog dedicated to the marketing of movies.

There are many movie sites already in existence, ones that purely review films, those that have interviews with the cast and crew and those that link to the newest trailers. Yet there are very few that look specifically at the marketing of movies (absurd considering how much time and money goes behind a successful movie marketing campaign) and therefore this is what we aim to focus on at MoviePush.

We will be looking at new movies and the marketing techniques used to promote and "push" them into market. From the traditional (Movie Trailers, Posters, Billboards) to taking advantage of the new channels such as social media, mobile apps, etc.

Updating you with the latest news and media being used to maket movies, together with after thoughts and opinions of advertising campaigns and the films themselves.

We hope you enjoy.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Charely Marley

Charley Marley walked slowly up to the fence, he peered over... He didn't like what he saw...

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The Magic That Is The British Summer

What the hell’s going on?
You wake up and it’s sunny, so you’re happy.
Have you’re breakfast and then it’s cloudy.
You go and brush your teeth, look out the window, now it’s raining!
What shall we do today?
I know lets go shopping, seeing the weather’s bad.
Oh, the sun’s coming out again.
Wouldn’t want to waste a day like this so let’s go to the beach instead.
Pack bag, get in car, pick up friends, drive to beach.
Clouds are filling in again, oh no…
Don’t worry it’ll be fine, they’ll pass by in no time, the winds getting stronger now.
But the clear blue seems to be disappearing fast and the greys beginning to linger.
Get to beach, seems to be a lot colder than it was this morning.
Unpack everything, we’ll sit it out, no problem. It’ll pass over in no time.
I felt a spec of wet, is that rain?
No it can’t be.
Another drop.
Yes. Yes it is.
Pack everything up again and walk back to car.
It’s pouring now, flip flops are flapping and slipping everywhere.
Get back to car drenched and half drowned.
Ok, let’s drive home, we’ll find something to do there.
Oh the rains stopped now.
It seems to be getting brighter. Oh look the sun’s out shining again, shall we take a detour?
Yes let’s stop at the park and have a picnic.
The ground sure has dried quick in this (now) blazing sunshine.
Get to park, unpack car, and lay out mats and food.
Finish food, lie out and soak up some rays.
It sure is getting hot, my skins tingling.
Oh great, I’ve burnt! Only been out in the sun for an hour and I redder than a tomato.
Oh that’s nice and cold, makes my skin feel alive again.
Hang on a minute?
Is that?
Oh I don’t believe it.
It can’t be.
Not in August.
Oh look there’s another piece. It’s definitely what I thought it was.
Quick, let’s pack everything up again.
Ouch that hurt.
Jesus! That really hurt!
Who threw that? What was…?


Run for it!

The Funny Side Of Life

If you don't laugh you'll cry, welcome to life on the other side...